Website released!

To give our band a sense of legitimacy (many venues won’t book you unless you have your own domain name) we wanted to have our own website. 

Late Friday night we secured our domain with dreamhost.  By 4 am Saturday we had a very rough draft.  Looked great on PC but terrible on mobile devices.    Saturday night we nuked that and started over being careful to optimize it for all devices.

Sunday was spent cleaning up and polishing in between football games on tv.

Web programming is a tedious,  frustrating and often thankless task.  few realize just how many hours go into even a simple website.   

Now it’s time to book those venues….


Bootless raises funds for Stevie

On Nov 8th, Bootless played a pro-bono show at Shooters in Summerville, SC.  Monies raised went towards the Steve Kaufman Memorial fund where it will help Steve’s family cope with the sudden loss of their loved one.  The show kicked off at 9:00 and despite the tragedy of Steve’s death, there was a good turnout and we raised over $500 for the family. Our prayers will be with Steve’s family and it was an honor to help celebrate his life that night.