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Much activity!

in less than a 5 days since our website launch we’ve gained an additional 130 fans (and counting!) and also hugely increased our web traffic and visits to our facebook page.  The unprecedented access people have to music artists via social media is a blessing but also a curse because its hard to rise above the internet ‘noise’ and capture someones attention for more than 3 minutes.  We hope that our visitors find something in bootless they can connect with and stay with us on our journey ahead.  We’ve got some great things planned for 2014 and want to thank all of our fans for their love and support.

We are happy to announce that Bootless is an endorsed artist representing Steve Clayton Inc (http://steveclayton.com/) makers of fine quality custom picks, drum sticks and accessories. We will be ordering some custom picks and drum sticks to us while we’re out touring to support our album.

We’re also working on some business cards / press kits as well as merchandise to have available for shows.   Very excited to see the first orders come in.